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What is Kings and Heroes?
Kings and Heroes invites players into a huge fantasy world filled with open exploration and both hand-crafted and randomly generated dungeon adventures. A mix between a core RPG and a traditional MMORPG, Kings and Heroes, is an Online RPG where you can play solo, partner with a friend, or join a party to explore the massive map and immerse yourself in the world of Sundaria. With dungeons, crypts, caves and more, players will find themselves slaying foes and discovering long forgotten treasure while questing across the land. Playable in both third-person view and first-person view, Kings and Heroes is packed with countless hours of fun for RPG and action fans looking for a mix of dungeon running and open world gameplay in a single game. Kings and Heroes game is currently in 'Early Access' on Steam.
  • Create groups of up to 8 players to explore and run dungeons
  • Unique armor sets and weapons that can by dyed to allow for the creation of a legendary look
  • Create up to 24 characters!
  • More than 500 quests
  • Huge 100 square km seamless world including caves and dungeons to find and explore
  • Tons of amazing monsters and creatures including 20+ terrifying bosses
  • Advanced enemy AI that ensures challenging fights.
  • Massive amounts of loot including a huge variety of Weapons and Armor
  • 3 different live weapon configurations so players can switch quickly for any situation 
  • High level enemies that often drop what they have equipped (If you like that fiery sword or awesome helmet a minion is wearing, go take it from him…if you can)
  • Over 20 different factions populating the world of Sundaria, as well as trainers, townsfolk, merchants, and adventurers
  • Active journal to track quests and conquests
  • Built in voice-chat and text chat
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Current Patch Notes

Version: 19

  • We have made substantial changes to the "net code" model of our character data
  • Chat has been revamped
  • Chat tabs have been removed.
  • Instead, channels can be used via /s for say, /p for group(party), and /t for team (when PVP is released)
  • Added '/w [name] [message]' for whispering

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